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Give your devices the power to speak!™

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Spoke is a native Salesforce application connecting real-time machine data to Salesforce; making your assets visible and intelligent.

Prevent unnecessary service calls.
Give your teams the power to remotely diagnose your installed products.
Put the power of performance data in the hands of your service men and women.

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Take your field service workflows to the next level

Connected devices provide unprecedented insights to product utilization, performance, and environmental conditions, enabling your organization to continuously improve your products, improve your selling approach and improve your services.

Performance Monitoring

Capture and compare operating conditions to performance expectations. Identify anomalies in performance and issue corrective action before your customers are impacted.

Remote Diagnostics & Control

Remotely access devices and view real-time data, issue live commands, and solve common service problems without ever dispatching a service technician.

Advanced Data Analytics

Gain valuable insights into usage of your products and how they’re performing under various conditions. Reinvest that knowledge into your products and enhance your customer experience.

Easy Automation

Use up-to-date device performance data to trigger Business Process Automation, predict maintenance actions, and proactively serve your customers.

Machine Learning

Refine Business Processes using device data captured and analyzed over time driving continuous improvement to your business and consumer experience.

Product Servitization

Provide ‘Power by the Hour’ revenue models to your customers. Sell your Product Uptime instead of the product itself. Reliably monitoring product performance is the key enabler to Servitization revenue recognition.

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IoT Devices

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IoT Connections

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IoT Sales

By 2025, over 75 billion devices will be connected worldwide, up from about 17 billion connected devices in 2016. More specifically, more than 25 billion IoT connections worldwide will be made between industrial IoT (IIoT), up from just 6 billion in 2016. As a result, the IIoT market is expected to reach over $934 billion in 2025, representing new and valuable opportunities for those companies that embrace IIoT capabilities now.

You’re granted the ability to improve machine uptime, reduce maintenance costs and create new revenue streams as machine learning capabilities can help predict service needs and share learnings across machines in the network.

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Embedded Intelligence


Increased Quality

According to Forbes, the leading growth strategy for manufacturers is improving shop floor productivity by investing in machine learning platforms that deliver the insights needed to improve product quality and production yields. Using machine learning to streamline every phase of production, starting with inbound supplier quality through manufacturing scheduling to fulfillment is now a priority in manufacturing. According to a recent survey by Deloitte, machine learning is reducing unplanned machinery downtime between 15 – 30%, increasing production throughput by 20%, reducing maintenance costs 30% and delivering up to a 35% increase in quality.

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