IoT & AI for Service on Salesforce

Connect, Analyze & Act on real-time machine data

Spoke AIOT is the only AI + IoT solution that:

  • Is built natively on and for Salesforce giving you a complete End to Edge solution
  • Uses Edge + Cloud Processing combined with relevant contextual data to prescribe and automate decisions
  • Allows users bidirectional access to moitor and command assets from their Salesforce UI
  • Modularly scales to your needs based on your IoT maturity


Connect Devices to Salesforce

and provide bidirectional real-time machine data access

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Advanced Visualization

with true and adaptable digit twin capabilities

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Edge & Cloud Processing

combining customized rules with contextual asset information

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Analytics & AI/ML

to proactively identify, diagnose, and resolve service issues

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Automation & Remote Command

enabling data-drive automation and remote control of field-based assets

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With the right information at their fingertips, technicians can make better and faster decisions to ensure optimal performance

Days Advanced Notice of Failure


Reduced machine failures


reduced machine downtime


increase first time fix rate


reduced response time


reduced customer complaints


increase service revenue


decreased maintenance cost

By 2025, more than 75 billion industrial assets will be connected… and each one will have a voice

  • Codify Domain Expertise & Prescribe Service Actions
  • Continuous Visibility & Insights into Install Base Health
  • Anomaly Detection & Alert
  • Enable Asset Servitization & Confirm Compliance to SLAs
  • Improve Call Center Effectiveness (Remote Diagnostics & Support)
  • Improve Asset Uptime/Reliability(Mean Time Between Repairs)
  • Reduce Service Costs (e.g., Automate Processes, Reduce Truck Rolls)
  • Reduce Service Time (Mean Time to Repair)
  • Improve First Time Fix
  • Improve Workforce Productivity & Utilization
  • Enable Usage & Condition Based Preventative Maintenance Contracts
  • Improve Business Continuity
  • Improve Technician Safety
  • Gain Insights to Support Decisions (e.g., Sales & Mktg, Product Quality)

Go From Downtime to Primetime

AI & IoT Maturity

Implementing AIOT can be described as a journey. Following that analogy, it’s important to think about some of the important stops along the way before heading out.


Spoke can help you at any stage of your Connected Field Service journey

Salesforce Platform

Optimize: Something about creating smart rules to monitor asset performance and automate service responses with clicks not code

Devices Streaming Data

Connect: Once your Devices achieve Connectivity, either with built-in or add-on hardware along with an Edge Gateway, your Sensor data can be securely transmitted and stored for analysis and review. This not only gives increased visibility to your support team, but by Monitoring of this stream of data you can also take real-time proactive actions for your Customers when you detect problems.

IoT Cloud Server

Analyze: After collecting data from your devices for a few months, you can begin to review, report, and look for trends in the data. This is referred to as Analytics, and it leads to a wide array of insights to your devices… not only knowing how to improve your Monitoring, but also how your Customers are using your devices, and ultimately: “Why is it happening?”

Analytics & Automation

By applying cutting edge Artificial Intelligence techniques, including Machine Learning and Predictive Maintenance algorithms, you can discover additional insights to your devices. Once you’ve collected enough data, and found the right algorithms, you can achieve the ultimate goal of Optimization by deploying the AI Model to the Edge Device or Gateway and processing the device data real time through the optimized algorithms.

Spoke AIOT is the only modular architecture, no-code, native, Salesforce app designed to support everyday Service use cases & deliver real Service value.

Works with the world’s leading Service Management solutions

Already streaming data?

Get up and running in days using a library of services and algorithms.


Expert Consult & Demo

2 hours


Connect & Evaluate

1-4 weeks


Production Pilot

1-4 months

With Spoke AIOT, scaling to enterprise is as easy as 1-2-3

How it works

Spoke AIOT has a modular architecture that enables End to Edge connectivity.
Because some companies are further along the IoT/AI than others, a modular architecture means you only buy what you need.


Spoke can predict more than just service outcomes

Our predictable pricing model lets you plan another thing without suprises

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All Prices are per month, billed annually.

End to Edge Solution

Everything you need to set-up and interact with devices and assets in Salesforce

Built on Salesforce

Designed to Salesforce standards for experience, data, architecture and security

Edge Processing

Meet your data where it’s at for optimized computing and real-time results

Modular Design

Adaptable to your existing IoT maturity, only buy what you need

Clicks not code

Create flexible & tailored solutions for the enterprise without development support

Time to Value

Achieve results in weeks, not years, leveraging OOTB library of Service Use Cases

Lifecycle Management

Auto-upgrades & onboard Sandbox for safe testing & deployment without IT support

Why Spoke AIOT?

We are