Spoke AIOT and ServiceMax Partnership Seamlessly Integrates IoT Device and Field Services

New combined technology platform simplifies connected device monitoring, remote management, field service alerts, automatic work scheduling, predictive maintenance, and more.

New York, June 3, 2020 — Spoke AIOT, a provider of cutting-edge AI and IoT field service solutions, has partnered with ServiceMax, the leader in asset-centric field service management, to deliver a fully integrated, end-to-end solution for connected device monitoring, remote management, and predictive maintenance.

The integrated offering of Spoke AIOT’s infrastructure with ServiceMax’s field service management platform leverages real-time data from customers’ devices to seamlessly automate their field service operations by leveraging real-time data from their installed base.
Across industries and around the world, connected ‘smart’ digital devices are replacing equipment that previously operated independently. These connected devices are capable of producing vast amounts of real-time data, providing valuable details of their activities and operating environment.

Spoke AIOT provides secure, encrypted Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity for remote monitoring of connected devices and leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to convert device data into actionable information.

ServiceMax’s cloud-based software provides a complete view of the assets to field service teams, enabling them to proactively maintain assets, manage parts and provide quick visibility to an as- maintained bill of materials. By having this information in one place and optimizing field service operations, industries with high value, complex, mission-critical equipment, can run more profitable, outcome-centric businesses.
Customers can now securely and reliably integrate real-time measurements with their ServiceMax field service management platform, enhancing both their web and mobile service applications with:

  • Remote monitoring, diagnostics and control
  • Historical and real-time performance monitoring
  • Machine data collection and analysis
  • Automated field service alerts
  • Predictive maintenance information
  • Real-time alerts for critical failures

“We have fully entered the age of smart device connectivity with the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0,” said Ted Chung, CEO of Spoke AIOT. “The challenge up to this point has been integrating the massive amounts of new data produced by these devices with existing field services software and processes. In partnering with ServiceMax, we have created a platform that provides that integration, seamlessly. We believe this new platform has the potential to completely transform field services.”

“By providing full integration of IoT device data with our field service capabilities, this partnership provides our customers with a whole new level of smart, automated service,” said Dara Sherafat, Senior Director of Global Technology Alliances at ServiceMax. “Regardless of how far along they are in their adoption of IoT devices, we can provide a solution for connectivity and service automation.”

For further information or to arrange a demo of the integrated service offering from Spoke AIOT and ServiceMax, contact:

Rob Meredith

About Spoke AIOT
Spoke AIOT is a developer and provider of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) field service solutions. Spoke’s IoT Edge Hardware, IoT Edge Gateway, IoT Cloud Gateway and Field Service Integration solutions optimize field service workflows through performance monitoring, remote diagnostics and control, advanced data analytics, easy automation, machine learning, and product servitization. www.spoke-iot.com

About ServiceMax
ServiceMax is the global leader in asset-centric field service management, offering cloud-based software that improves the productivity of complex, equipment-centric service execution. Enterprise companies across the globe have turned to ServiceMax to help them keep the world running. For more information, visit www.servicemax.com.

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