Our Summer 2020 release is here! The new release provides numerous enhancements, including augmented intelligence which allows tighter integration of IoT device data with Field Services platforms, enabling more efficient and effective workflow automation and predictive maintenance.

Context Data

To further augment intelligence for automation, we added the ability to include asset-specific data with IoT data. This could include integration of key business data, such as service levels associated with edge devices, to intelligently route automated workflows.

Memory Data

Wouldn’t it be great to trigger an alert based on how a sensor value changes over time? We added memory to our IoT solution, giving you the ability to set alert conditions based on time-series data of edge devices.

Sensor Data Snapshot

We’ve created data sets reflecting time of failure, to aid in diagnostics and repair. Sensor Data Snapshots are automatically generated and appended to workorders, enabling technicians to access the data in the field, even without access to an internet connection. Additional snapshots can be created in the field for any time frame on an ad hoc basis, and viewed in an interactive

Support for ServiceMax Installed Base (IB) Technical Attributes

IoT device data is now integrated with ServiceMax IB Technical Attributes.

Support for ServiceMax Mobile Go App

Easy, convenient access to IoT device data from the ServiceMax Mobile Go App.

In conjunction with the Summer 2020 Release, Spoke AIOT is hosting a webinar on July 23, 2020 at 12:00 PM Eastern Time, to discuss the new features. During the webinar, ServiceMax Product Managers Lacy Cotton-Hodgson and Shivaranjini Gangadharappa will discuss how Spoke AIOT helps enhance ServiceMax features through the integration of IB Technical Attributes.

For more information and to register for the webinar, head over to Making Predictive Maintenance a Reality for Your Organization.